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Sorting Apples

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Suppose I give you a basket full of apples and ask you to sort them. How would you do it? Would you sort them by weight? By color? Would you put the good apples over here and the bad apples over ther... Read More

On My Shelf

Too many books exist. The number of books on any given subject is exponentially higher than the number of books that are worth reading and writing. The reason for that has more to do with economics... Read More

Whatever is True

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I rarely code websites by hand anymore, but I did it again recently when I developed the companion page to a class my wife and I are teaching at our church. Whatever is True: A Christian Worldview in... Read More

Write It

I once read a post from Bob Kauflin about people trying to change the lyrics of worship songs to fit their church’s needs/doctrine.  I resonate with what Bob said about being grateful that wor... Read More