Wisdom is Trouble for Democracy

As a pastor, I often find myself working on projects outside of my expertise. Several years ago the task of erecting a temporary sign in front of the church property fell to me. So I grabbed some lumber, nails, and a hammer, and I went to work. I should never try things like this. At the time, I […]

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Baptist Adoption of New Music

Here’s a funny little set of facts that you’ll only hear from someone like me. In 1991, The Baptist Hymnal was revised for the first time since 1975. During the revision process some 8000 songs were evaluated for inclusion. The potential entries were pared down by multiple committees (the Baptist way) to 800 songs. Of the 650 hymns included in […]

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How to Disciple a Young Believer

“Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” – Paul the Apostle Have you ever said those words to a young believer? In some cultures, them’s fightin’ words. Some people believe theoretically in the gradation of maturity, but they get a little uptight in actually labeling one person as more mature than another. Nevertheless, […]

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Sorting Apples

Suppose I give you a basket full of apples and ask you to sort them. How would you do it? Would you sort them by weight? By color? Would you put the good apples over here and the bad apples over there? How would you distinguish a good apple from a bad one? Now suppose I give you […]

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On My Shelf

Too many books exist. The number of books on any given subject is exponentially higher than the number of books that are worth reading and writing. The reason for that has more to do with economics than anything else. If it will sell, then it will be written. Most books exist for the same reason the Big Mac does: not […]

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Source Material for Whatever is True

For the last eight weeks, my wife and I have been teaching a class called “Whatever is True: A Christian Worldview in a Post-Christian World.” The goal of the class was to serve as an introduction to worldview thinking and to bolster confidence in the Christian worldview among the plethora of opposing worldviews that are prevalent today. […]

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Whatever is True

I rarely code websites by hand anymore, but I did it again recently when I developed the companion page to a class my wife and I are teaching at our church. Whatever is True: A Christian Worldview in a Post-Christian World is a seven-week course designed to give an overview of the current battle of worldviews […]

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Write It

I once read a post from Bob Kauflin about people trying to change the lyrics of worship songs to fit their church’s needs/doctrine.  I resonate with what Bob said about being grateful that worship leaders out there are being careful about the words their churches sing. I’m also glad that Sovereign Grace doesn’t generally allow people […]

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